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Pontianak White Horn

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Pontianak White Horn Kratom
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White Horn Kratom strains such as the Pontianak White Horn are more rare than the Green and Red Kratom strains. The characteristics of both green and red vein types are well documented and agreed upon; whereas the White Horn or White Vein Kratom strains appear far less-understood.

This strain of Kratom tends to sit somewhere between the popular characteristics of green and red veins, though it still comes with its own completely unique quality.

Pontianak White Horn Kratom is known to be a high alkaloid White Horn strain. The strain is found in regions of Pontianak forest in which the trees are far larger than that of it’s red and green counterparts elsewhere on Borneo. This White Horned Kratom has a distinct white coloration to the stems and veins within the leaf; this is due to the high amounts and levels of sunlight the Kratom tree receives.

As with most strains of Kratom it’s important to treat this incense herb with respect.

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